A challenge to the Rebels to show they care

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By Brian Blair

Football players are supposed to be tough. They play a game where the object is to hit your opponent as hard as you can. They play despite injuries or sickness. They wear orange, black, silver and gold. They are called Steelers and Raiders. The last thing you would expect to see any of them wearing would be … pink.

Yet on Sunday, that is exactly what many of them did.

That’s right, players in the National Football League wearing pink cleats, pink sweatbands and pink towels. Why?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it was their way of saying that they support all of those who have felt the effects of the disease.

Chad Ocho Cinco, Carson Palmer and Ben Rothlisberger were all doing it. I say they deserve big props. It takes a man to wear pink especially on a football field.

This trend of going pink is not only happening in the professional ranks, but it is happening right here in Owen County.

The Owen County volleyball team is going pink for their game with Carroll County tonight. Both teams will be wearing pink and they will be using pink balls. It is all being done in support of a good cause.

If you did not know this, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last February. She has since recovered and is doing well today. This might not have been possible if not for the research that has been done thanks to the generous support of people all over the country. Thousand of lives have been saved because of organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation and, yes, because grown men wear pink while playing a football game. Anything that brings attention to the cause is a good thing.

The challenge now is for Owen County to find a way to put some pink on the football team for their last home game against South Oldham.

I was told the basketball team has done this and the volleyball team is doing this tonight.

I say it is time for the football team to do the same. The fans could be encouraged to wear pink and money could be donated to the cause.

I am sure there are countless people in Owen County who have been touched by breast cancer who would love to help. I am sure that there are folks from South Oldham who have also been impacted who might pitch in as well.

If players from the National Football League can don their pink gear in support, why can’t we do it here? I know the impact the last year as had on me. I would be proud to wear my own pink shirt in support.

In the meantime, make sure you head out to the high school and support the volleyball team tonight as they “Volley 4 the Cure.” It is a nice way to support a good cause and a good team that does not always get the support that they deserve.