Carter won’t seek new term

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After a quarter century of public service, Owen County attorney will focus on private practice

By Molly Haines

Owen County Attorney Charles Carter will soon wrap up of his 25-year public service career, but he will continue to run his private practice, Carter Law Firm.

Carter said he opened his private practice March 1, 1960.

“I will continue to operate my private practice,” Carter said. “My son, Charles Jr., is my associate and I plan to be more involved with it than I was.”

Carter said the highlight of his career as county attorney has been doing what he thought was right for society.

“In district court I’ve come in contact and dealt with people under stress, whatever their situation has been. Being able to try and figure out what punishment was best for the parties involved and for society has been very pleasing.”

Carter said another highlight as county attorney has been improving the enforcement of DUI laws.

“When I came into office there was very little enforcement of DUI laws,” Carter said. “I have been able to improve that and I’m very proud of that fact.”

Carter said he has worked with a variety of people who have made his experience as county attorney worthwhile.

“I’ve enjoyed working with judges, lawyers and especially the clerk personnel,” Carter said. “I suppose the thing I’ve enjoyed the least are the off-duty calls. Getting up at 2 in the morning to prepare a search warrant is just awful.”

Carter said his main hope for the next county attorney is that they will be able to get a better grasp on drug trafficking prosecution.

“I hope that he or she will be able to deal more effectively with the prosecution of drug trafficking than I have been able to.”

Carter said that during his 25-year tenure there have been a variety of things outside of the courtroom that he has has helped accomplish that he believes were for the betterment of Owen County.

“I suppose there were a lot of things that happened,” Carter said. “Getting the hospital back into good hands and good management with Bernie Poe has probably been the most satisfying thing. I’ve been involved with the new judicial building in recent years and I’m very happy with that. There have been so many things it’s hard to name them all.”

Carter said he has enjoyed the many years of support he has received.

“Its been a wonderful trip,” Carter said. “I’ve received excellent support from people everywhere and from everyone involved. I’ve always received good support from judges and magistrates. The magistrates have always been very cooperative with me.”

Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith said she will miss Carter.

“I’ve worked with Charlie for well over 30 years,” Keith said. “He was a practicing attorney when I took a part-time job at the clerk’s office. He has always been very cooperative. Both he and his wife have contributed to making Owen County a better place. He will be missed as county attorney.”