Carter looks ahead as private attorney

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By Molly Haines

Long-time Owen County Attorney Charlie Carter will soon leave his post, but Owen countians can expect to continue seeing Carter active in law.
Carter said when his term ends at the end of this month, it will end a near 25-year tenure.
Prior to becoming county attorney, Carter’s private practice had been in operation for 25 years.
Carter said his private practice will remain open, with his son, Charles Carter Jr., as an associate.
As county attorney, Carter said he enjoyed district court the most.
“I liked district court the most and county government the least,” Carter said. “I just really had a special interest in district court. With county government there’s a lot of petty complaints and I always felt like district court was an area I was more effective in.”
Carter said because he worked in his private practice for years before becoming county attorney, he shouldn’t have any problems getting adjusted to not being involved in county government.
“I’ll enjoy being back in my private practice full time,” Carter said. “I will certainly miss some aspects of county government, but I’ve always been table to turn the page and look forward, not backward. I’m already missing district court, I’ve had Josh (Smith) going since the first of July.”
Smith, who ran for county attorney in the May primary without opposition, will take over Carter’s seat at the beginning of 2011.
Carter said the worst part about his position was seeing people he liked in trouble.
“I never liked seeing people wind up on the other side of the case that I was fond of,” Carter said.
Earlier this year, Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith said she would miss Carter.
“I’ve worked with (Carter) for well over 30 years,” Keith said. “He was a practicing attorney when I took a part-time job at the clerk’s office. He has always been very cooperative. Both he and his wife have contributed to making Owen County a better place. He will be missed as county attorney.”
Carter said he felt he was leaving the county attorney position in good hands.
“(Smith) is very capable and I feel he’ll do a good job,” Carter said.
As for Carter, he said he still feels great and will continue to work in his law firm 40 hours a week, if not more.