Cards could help solve Roach murder

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By Dana Burke

Sonda Roach recently contacted me to let me know of a Kentucky State Police initiative — a deck of playing cards featuring 52 unsolved cases.
She said a detective from Kentucky State Police contacted her along with several other families to let them know that the KSP would soon hold a news conference concerning some unsolved cases throughout Kentucky.
On Dec. 16, the KSP unveiled playing cards that will be circulated throughout Kentucky’s prisons in an attempt to generate tips in cases of unsolved murders, missing persons and unidentified remains.
The cards feature cases from across the state, including the unsolved murder of Mark W. Roach, which is still being investigated by the Campbellsburg state police post.
The cards will go to prisons around the state in hopes that inmates with information on any of the cases will tell authorities what they know. No reward is offered for the information. The cards can be seen on the KSP website: http://www.kentuckystatepolice.org/unsolved cases.htm
What relief it could bring to Sonda and Mark’s family to finally have some closure in this case.

If this snow doesn’t stop soon, we’ll all be working forever making up snow time and not to mention the kids having to go all summer making up the time. I hate driving in the stuff. If I hadn’t already been sick Wednesday, I probably wouldn’t have made it in that day either. There were several people in our office who didn’t make it in that day due to the weather.
Let’s hope it ends soon and we have some sunshine come our way.

This week has been really tough on our family. As many of you know, this time last year (Jan. 20), we lost our beloved mother, Joyce Atha.
She wouldn’t want us to be sad, but nonetheless, we are still sad to not have her here with us today. We know that she is in a much better place and that she is smiling down on us every day. May you rest in peace, Mamma and Granny Joyce.

On a happier note, this same day Dennis Atha will be celebrating his 44th birthday. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Dennis, and may you have many more to come. I know he too was also saddened upon hearing of his Aunt Joyce’s passing on his birthday last year.

Lee and I recently had some unexpected company. Last Wednesday Lee’s daughter, Jamie, and her children, Cameron, Kiyas and Armiah, came down for a visit. She had called a few weeks ago and was going to come down for a visit then but ended up having some car trouble and didn’t get to make it.
She had called one day last week to tell us that her sister, Skyler Atha, had just given birth to a new baby boy. His name is Joseph Skylyn, and he weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces. Joseph was welcomed home by his brother, La’malachi.
After talking a bit, she said if we were going to be home she was going to try and come see us. We were really happy to see them and are looking forward to seeing more of them soon.
I recently received a call from a few of the ladies around Monterey who have recently formed a small group called the “FAUBS.”
I’m not sure how long these ladies have been hanging out, but they have called and asked me to do several things with them.
This time, they called to invite me to come along with them for an all-girls weekend getaway. They are planning on going to Paoli Peaks Saturday for a fun-filled day of tubing.
I’m really considering going with them. I do hope it’s a safe trip as I am not as young as I once was and can’t afford to break anything.
As of right now, it sounds like about 12 of us girls will be going. They said they have a lot of fun on these outings, so I am looking forward to joining them on this one.
I’m sure I’ll have more news on this in next week’s news.
That’s about it for this week. Until next time, be safe and please keep all our sick in your thoughts and prayers.