Businessman hopes to shoot part of movie in Owen

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Liberty’$ Prisoner seeks local actors

By Jamie Baker-Nantz
For the News-Herald

Greg Frank is doing something he never dreamed he would.
Frank, a Grant County businessman, is making a movie and looking for some Owen County residents to portray characters in the script he wrote.
The movie, “Liberty’$ Prisoner” is a drama/thriller about a first-time author that runs for U.S. Congress. He is perceived as dangerous and a threat by the government, so he is kidnapped, interrogated and tortured with “enhanced methods” allowable by current U.S. law.
“My experience has been in the military and with government,” Frank said. “I’m just tired of seeing the American people force fed regurgitated remakes from Hollywood, which are dumbing people of this planet to death with the lies and special effects.”
Frank, with his California tan and sun-washed blond hair, is passionate. His voice booms and his words tumble out faster and faster as he discusses his latest venture.
He has trouble sitting still as he reflects on a how a former Williamstown and Florida motel owner and health care worker got himself in the movie making business.
“Lord, have mercy, I never thought I’d make a movie,” he said. “Not in a million years.”
Frank ran unsuccessfully in the 2012 Democratic Primary against Bill Adkins for the Fourth Congressional seat, which Thomas Massie, a Republican, eventually won.
Frank insists, however, that the movie isn’t about his foray into politics, but rather a way to make sure that family cinema remains affordable for the masses.
“The Hollywood model of corruption, greed and excess (Washington with a tan) is destroying the neighborhood movie theater,” Frank said.
“The Supreme Court tried to break up the monopoly in 1949, slowly but surely the major players in Hollywood are eroding that Supreme Court ruling.”
Frank said he’s tired of watching the same types of stuff from Hollywood and he believes the general public has also had enough.
“Personally, I would rather gouge my eyes out with a fork, than pay $8 to watch another version of Superman,” Frank said. “Either Hollywood is incapable of providing viewing to stimulate thinking or they are afraid to provide thought provoking material for the masses.”
Liberty’$ Prisoner will be filmed in Grant County, as well as  northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.
Frank is also hoping to film some scenes at Elk Creek Winery and other locations in Owen County.
Frank has no plans to use professional actors, but wants everyday, “real” people.
“I don’t want inflated egos, or people with a sense of entitlement that transcends our criminally corrupt career congressmen and women in Washington,” Frank said. “I need people that act every day for their very existence in this dimension. People that go to work and smile when they feel like crying, go home to relationships and laugh when they feel like dying.”
Frank, who said he has mortgaged everything he owns and made other personal sacrifices to fund the film, will pay primary and secondary participants with a percentage of the domestic and international releases.
For information about submitting an audition video, go to www.libertysprisoner.com.
Frank is also giving away $1 million and a 2013 Jeep.
He said his first two years of military service were spent encrypting and decrypting code in the military. He used that skill to imbed a hidden message in the film. The first 20 people who can find a hidden message and submit their answer on a designated date will win a share of the $1 million. People can also send their ticket stub with their name and phone number to an address at the bottom of his web page (www.libertysprisoner.com) for a chance to win the Jeep.
“I feel if you try to put back as much as you take, what you will get in return will be beyond your wildest dreams,” Frank said.
Frank also has plans to give 50 percent of the film’s proceeds back to the theaters.
Part of the money he has raised for the project has gone to pay for state-of-the art equipment to film the movie.
Frank said the film is being shot with three F-55 Sony 4X HD cameras.
“No film to date has used this level of technology,” Frank said.
Frank said the film, even though filming hasn’t started, is creating a buzz.
He said his computer, as well as his office manager’s computer, had been hacked into. He also believes surveillance has been done at his home.
He’s also been approached about selling the rights to the film.
“I believe if I sell it, it will never be shown,” he said. “I don’t even plan to have a pre-screening of it, I’m going to let the audience be the judge and jury.”
Frank said the movie will be released July 4, 2014.
But not one to sit idle, Frank is already planning his next movie called “Death Be Not Proud.”