The business of clean water

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New Owen business focuses on purification

By Molly Haines


By Mary Alford

N-H Staff Writer

Another business has emerged in Owenton.

Innovative Water Systems, founded by Marty Olson, is dedicated to insuring quality, safe water to its customers.

“It is a really huge responsibility to treat people’s water for them, their health is in your hands at that point,” Olson said.

Olson began his career in water treatment after his body couldn’t handle the construction business anymore and he needed something to keep busy.

“I thought wherever I am, they are going to need water,” Olson said.

In 2007, Olson started Innovative Water Systems in Colorado, worked there for three years. He has now decided to start it back up in Owen County.

Olson originally came to Kentucky to work for Kentucky American Water, but as his retirement grew closer he wanted to branch out.

“I’m reaching retirement age and feel like I want to work part time,” Olson said.

According to Olson, today’s water systems put a lot of chlorine, fluoride and other substances in the water that people do not want.

“Water picks up a lot of things in the distribution system too, that can be something you wouldn’t want to be drinking,” Olson said.

Olson has the highest state certification in water treatment and has been a water-treatment professional for five years. 

Olson works out of his house and has suppliers who provide him with a variety of water treatment products.

“I am involved in home-water purification and I can do just about anything someone might want or I can educate them about what they might want,” Olson said.

Olson can build systems to suit people or find some already made and install them for the individual. He can then proceed to maintain the system for the customer or teach them how to maintain it themselves.

“The expense of maintenance isn’t that much especially if you let me educate you and do it yourself,” Olson said.

A mainstay for Olson has been the “point of use” systems.

“We can go to different extremes with them, reverse osmosis or carbon filtration, sediment filtration, whatever they feel the need for,” Olson said.

The point of use system is typically installed at the kitchen sink to treat water intended for consumption.

Olson also offers services to restaurants and other businesses. He has larger systems that work well for them. 

When compared to competitors, Olson believes he is the better choice, for his knowledge on the subject and pricing.

“Plumbers are well versed in the mechanics of plumbing and how to install things where as I specialize in treatment and taking a particular contaminate and knowing how to get it out of the water,” Olson said.

Olson believes it is important to educate others on the importance of water treatment.

“People have to realize that they need the stuff in order to make it a priority and get it.”

For more information, call Olson at 502-514-6783.