Board rejects request

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Safety concerns will prevent bus from traveling to end of Big Twin Creek Road

By Molly Haines

The Owen County School Board may be looking for ways to take a school bus down Big Twin Creek Road after a concerned parent approached the board during its March 15 meeting.

Natasha Culver of Big Twin Creek Road approached the board asking for consideration of bus transportation for her child.

Owen County School Board Superintendent Mark Cleveland said taking a bus down Big Twin Creek Road would be dangerous.

“If I were driving down that road and I were to meet someone, one of us would have to back up,” Cleveland said. “If that’s the case in a regular-sized car, I sure can’t take a bus down that road. I would be putting all of the kids on that bus at risk and I just can’t do that.”

Cleveland said a bus does run part of Big Twin Creek Road, but the bus cannot travel the entire road because there is no place to turn around or pull to the side for picking up children.

“They used to take a bus down through there but different laws and rules applied then,” Cleveland said.

Owen County School District Director of Transportation Jimmy Sutherland was present during the meeting and showed board members a slideshow of Big Twin Creek Road.

“There are two low-water bridges on that road,” Cleveland said. “I don’t know of a school system in Kentucky that takes a bus over low-water bridges.”

Cleveland said he and members of the school board will likely approach Owen County Judge-Executive Carolyn Keith and the fiscal court to help find a solution.

“I think it’s a matter of making that road wider,” Cleveland said. “I’d like to think there is some solution to this, because I know it’s frustrating for the parent, but she was also very understanding about the situation.”

The board also voted to make changes to the job description for purchasing fixed assets and accounts payable clerk.

Cleveland said under the new job description, the clerk would have more control over purchase orders and bidding, and the clerk will report to the director of finance, Sheila Miller.

The board also approved activity funds for the primary and middle schools.