Bad weather in the area? It’s snow problem

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By Molly Haines

County road crews stayed busy earlier this week as several inches of snow fell across Owen County and temperatures plummeted into the teens.

Owen County Road Supervisor and Solid Waste Coordinator Greg Smoot said although one truck wasn’t operating, no major problems occurred.

“We didn’t have anything out of the ordinary,” Smoot said. “We had one truck down but that started taking place last weekend. We were in the process of outfitting a truck for work in town, but we had some problems getting the spreader box and snow blade fitted to it.”

Smoot said he ordered the same amount of cinders as last winter, but only half of the shipment had arrived.

“We’ve had some problems with receiving,” Smoot said. “The plant where we receive from had broke down and we only got half of our order but we’re expecting the rest any day now.”

Although it has not been a problem this week, Smoot said the road crew’s truck fleet is aging considerably, which could lead to problems in the future.

“It might not be a serious problem right now, but our trucks will continue to deteriorate each year and I expect that it will cause problems in the future,” Smoot said.

Although some surrounding counties declared snow emergencies, Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith said she didn’t feel the depth of the snow was enough to declare an emergency.

“It wasn’t quite as severe as it was back earlier this year,” Keith said. “For our citizens who work out of county, their employers will typically understand if they can’t make it to work.”

Keith said she felt that issuing too many snow emergencies could lessen their importance.

“If they’re issued frequently, some people could get the wrong impression of them and not take one seriously when it needs to be taken seriously,” Keith said. “I think our biggest problem (Monday) was the layer of ice underneath the snow from the sudden drop of temperature.”