Anger is growing across the country

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First, my condolences to the families of those dead and injured in the Arizona shooting.
The mean-spiritedness in this country is worse than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime (I’m 72) especially in the political arena.
We need to question where the anger is coming from and what can be done to change it.
I’ve always felt that America would have to endure another revolution and didn’t think I would live to see it, but I might be wrong. My only regret is that I might be too old to be a part of it.
Anger is building in many areas, attributed to many things, but some of it stands out. Corporate greed is rampant and Americans know it. Corporate America seems to want two classes: the very rich and the very poor. Seems counter-productive, but their methods are sending us down that road. It gives them total control over us, being able to dictate where, when and how to the “masses.”
The fact that they controlled the last election is proof of that theory.
Anger is also strong against political policies based on bigotry and profiling, policies being discussed right now in our own state.
I think the American people thought that when the last Kennedy left office, the killing of political leaders would cease, but the lack of concern for the middle class expressed by the politicians, through their actions, not their words, continues to fuel the feeling that we’re no longer important to them.
To see the buying power of the middle class diminish as it has since the ’60s and ’70s is so discouraging and has to create another form of anger with those who are dealing with months of unemployment. Unemployment because companies shipped their jobs out of the country.
The powers in Kentucky, McConnell and Paul, are in a position to take a stand for the middle class, if they will.
Sarah Palin who so freely uses her “crosshairs” slogan, should take a hard look at what she is encouraging.
Where will it all end?
Until all American people realize that each person deserves respect, and the politicians realize they are working for us, we won’t progress as a country, as evidenced by the shooting in Arizona.
Who’s next?

Terry D. Smith