Amazing 11-1 season seems like one long, perfect day

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By Brian Blair

Have you ever had one of those days that you just didn’t want to end? You know the kind. It’s the day when everything is perfect, so perfect that you almost dread the sun going down because you fear that you may never have another day quite like it.
This was the 2011 Owen County football season.
It began in the summer when players and coaches took the field. They spilled sweat and blood in an effort to get ready for that first night when they could see just how much all that work might pay off.
They were rewarded in a mighty way. Not only did they win on that opening night but they kept winning. Not only were they winning but they were beating people. Their high-flying offense and in-your-face defense was making Friday nights in Owenton something to get excited about.
As the wins kept piling up, the talk began.
Could they really do it?
Could the Owen County Rebels really go undefeated through an entire football season?
In order for you to truly enjoy the destination, you must endure the journey.
To say the Owen County High School football program had been in the valley would be an understatement.
Before 2011, you would have to go back to 2002 to find the last time the Rebels did not have a losing season. That was also the last time the Rebels had won more than four games.
So the thought of an Owen County football team winning 10 games in one year was hard for many to fathom.
Still, they kept wining. They captured their first district championship in 30 years but they weren’t done.
They headed to Warsaw and dominated a rival before returning home to seal the deal.
After a slow start, the Rebels buried the Panthers to become the first team to go unbeaten for the regular season.
As the fireworks went off overhead the team and their fans celebrated like they had never before.
Still they weren’t finished.
The next week they hosted Newport and won their first playoff game since 1980.
They were now 11-0 and still looking for more.
Unfortunately on Friday night at Patterson Field, the sun finally set on the 2011 season.
Like the perfect day, it will never be forgotten. It will be remembered for the young men who went out on the field every week and represented themselves and their county in a way that should make everyone proud.
It was about playing for something other than themselves as they dedicated the season to a friend who they watched as the sun set on her short life.
11-1 is something that the members of the 2011 Owen County Rebels should be very proud of. It can never be taken away.
When the members of the team return to the school in 10, 20 or 30 years from now and see where the 2011 Rebels became the first team to go unbeaten they can know that they had a part in that.
Thanks guys for a great season.
We can’t wait until next year.