Adult Education Center opens at new location

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After a year of anticipation the Owen County Adult Learning Center moved into their new home on Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013.
The move to 103 West Perry (the old senior center) is an exciting change for the learning center and came just in time.
According to the director, Veronica Gayle, the adult learning center program will be making changes to accommodate the new version of the GED test. The move to West Perry will enable the adult learning center to expand its services to include broader use of computers and other technologies.
One of the biggest changes in the test will be that it is now computerized.
“I think this fact is scary to some people but, like anything else, the more you do it the easier it becomes,” Gayle said. “Now our students will get broader exposure to computer use in their study programs.”
Gayle had plenty of help with the move.
“I have always hated moving but this one was a joy,” Gayle said. “I am so grateful for the volunteers who helped us. There were program directors and instructors from sister programs in Grant, Kenton and Boone counties, as well as local people.  Special thanks to the county employees who helped. It was the easiest move I have ever been part of There is still a lot of work to do but we are in.”
The past year has been tough for the Adult Learning Center program.
When the former location was torn down, the county generously offered the senior center as the permanent location for the learning center. Moving to the courtroom was to be a temporary measure until the seniors moved to their new location. As life would have it, several unforeseen delays occurred which changed the expected moving date a number of times.  
“The courthouse is a beautiful building but the location of the classes was problematic for many potential students.  Ease of access and visibility are so important to the success of an adult education program,” Gayle said. “The West Perry location will increase both and hopefully increase the number of students taking advantage of our free services.”
The Adult Learning Center opened Monday.
If you are interested in continuing your education, whether GED, preparing to enter college or technical school, improving reading, writing or math skills, or enhancing your marketability in the workforce, visit the learning center in January.