Additional bus routes

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Editor’s note: Due to a clerical error, the last page of Owen County bus routes were not published.

Bus #34, driver Kristina Estep – Hwy. 355 at Glennwood Hall post office to Hwy. 325 to Hwy. 1669 and Ball Ridge Road, Sharon Glass Road, Hwy. 325 Big Twin to Hwy. 227 Cull Road to Hwy. 22.

Bus #35, driver Patsy Ball – Hwy. 22 from county line to Eagle View Estates, Hwy. 845 to Keith Road to Pleasant Ridge Church, Agee Road, Vance O’Banion, Lyons Lane, Eden Shale Road and O’Banion Lane.

Bus #36, driver Tamara Morris – Hwy. 355 to Old Landing, Browns Bottom, Gratz, Hwy. 22 to Pleasant Home.

Bus #37, driver Brenda Jividen – Maddox Ridge Road, Brush Creek Road, Jonesville Folsom Road (Hwy. 1132), Calendar Road, Clifford Lane, Stewart Ridge Road, Pump Station Road off of Hwy. 127.

Bus #38, driver Junior Hunter – Timberwood Lake, Leaning Oak Road, Natlee Slatin Road, 2018 and 1883 to Hwy. 607, 607 and Old Columbus Road to Hwy. 227 to school.

Bus #39, driver Donald Peace – Eagle Hill Road, Beverly Lane, stop at Roberts Lane, stop at Shirley Lane, Hwy. 127 South, Poplar Grove to Kemper Lane off 127.

Bus #61, driver Cindy Dixon – South Fork Road, Twin Creek Road, Davis Lake Road, Hwy. 22 from South Fork to school, Owen County Courthouse.

Bus #62, driver Kay Hawkins – Franklin County line to Gills Branch to Morgandora to Frankfort Pike all the way through Hwy. 368 (897), Kays Branch, head back to town, Shady Lane, Loop 4 (Bob Davis), Joey Gibson’s apartments, Loop 1 (Hudnall’s Garage), Loop 2.

Bus #63, driver Barry Winkle – Bell Lane, Red Oak Pike, Old Owenton Georgetown Road, Old Beechwood Road, Caney Creek Road, Rockdale Road, Marshall Pike, Hwy. 607 from LeMaster’s Store to Hwy. 227 and 227 to school.