Accident took life of Owen man, police say

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By Molly Haines

An Owen County man was found dead early Monday morning in a creek bed at 3120 Hwy. 1316 near Mosby Creek.

According to Owen County Sheriff Zemer Hammond, Jesse Bailey, 66, kept a sump pump in the creek to pump water into his home.

Police suspect Bailey went to turn the sump pump off Saturday evening and slipped, hitting his head on a rock in the creek bed.

Hammond said Bailey had suffered with illnesses.

“His family said he had a lot of sickness, he was weak and had trouble with his legs,” Hammond said. “They had tried to get him to move in with them but he didn’t want to leave his home.”

Hammond said Bailey was last seen by a neighbor Saturday.

“His neighbor was checking up on him Monday,” Hammond said. “He (Bailey) heated his home with wood and the neighbor didn’t see any smoke coming from the house and didn’t see any signs of him being around. He walked around back of the house and looked over the embankment there and saw Mr. Bailey laying in the creek bed.”

Hammond said the neighbor called Bailey’s sister, who then called law enforcement.

After an investigation performed by the Owen County Sheriff’s Office, it is believed Bailey died from the impact of the fall or was unable to get up after falling and froze to death during the night.

“He died of all natural causes,” Hammond said. “There was no foul play.”

An autopsy is being performed by the Owen County Coroner’s Office.